Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was out downtown Lincoln about to meet up with some friends, when I see a huge silver tag on a bulletin board in front of Yia Yias. My friends tell me they saw the dude just do it(around 10:30 on a Saturday night). If you've ever been downtown lincoln on any day at that time of night you'd know how risky that is considering bike cops have that block locked down at night. Well the dude walks out of the bar and my friends point him out to me, and I go introduce myself to him and we exchange names or whatever and go for a little walk while he just catches mad tags. With in the first 30 seconds of talking to him I realize how TRASHED he is. He goes on to explain to me how he never gets caught because he's "30 years old and a scary mother fucker". He takes his button up off to reveal his body coverd in tattoos. So we walk back to where we originally met up and i introduce him to some other writers that happened to be hanging out at Yia Yias too. Well he offers a certain someone who has alot of paint $100 for as much cans as he can get. So we go up to the certain someones place and on the way WONDER and D3M get into it shit talking and WONDER gets way to mad and hot headed and started pushing D3M and well with all of us being friends that didn't happen for too much longer. D3M left because he didn't wanna deal with WONDER's drunkenness, and all in the meanwhile WONDER pays the $100 and only leaves with 10 cans! I leave just a little after D3M because I wasn't getting a friendly vibe from WONDER either. I go back to Yia Yias and a couple min later i see WONDER walking by down Centenial, and I noticed he had a can in his hand. So I walk to the corner and see him DESTROYING the block. Tags on every meter pole, every one of those white block things, every sign. Then he goes across the street and hits the State Parking Garage along with the downtown Library. I go back to Yia Yias for a few min, and then see like 3 bike cops and a cop car fly down back to Centenial and so I run to the corner to see WONDER getting handcuffed and put in the back of a cop car. From what I was told, he's from Salt Lake City, and was supposed to leave to Las Vegas this morning. Now I'm sure he's in a holding cell waiting for someone to bail him out. Here's all thats left of him...

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